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Online reputation management involves both negative and positive actions you must take to define your brand in the media and online. Online reviews and public opinion in the media play a large role in the ability of a business or entity to earn revenue. Even one bad press release can often "make or break" a candidate. In a recent survey by, 78% of the public will base their decision on whether to do business with or purchase from a particular business on the online reviews they read about the company. (, 2014) Celebrities and well-known politicians use this type of technique to minimize negative press and to recreate themselves in the media. Businesses can use this to adjust their impression with the public to improve their image and branding. By utilizing certain subtle but specific strategies, you can target specific areas you need to change to shape the public impression with your brand and create a more positive public image.


1. Monitor- In this step, you would want to look at what has been happening with current press releases and impressions in the media and brainstorm how to improve it.

2. Analyze-Next, you would want to analyze the level of damage control you should do and how you can boost the image and also the level of press received of your business.

3. Growth- Finally, use specifically targeted, well thought out methods to increase your following on social media and other platforms.


Social media marketing is a critical part of your marketing plan. We can help you do that by promoting and fine-tuning your social media strategies. The result will be that your business will grow even bigger than you dreamed possible. We can help you grow your network and expand your reach and get your small company noticed on a global scale. Having a good Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter fanbase will help to get the word out fast about your brand. About 80% of business online comes from social media. We can help you gain the momentum with the right followers in social media. This is one of the steps in our Online Reputation Management. Coupled with SEO techniques (using the right Key words and in the right way), social media marketing helps you to bring the targeted customers in your niche area to your site.


If you are not getting the sales you want, maybe the problem is not your business. It's your reputation online. You need a way to capture the image of your brand and put it out there for people to see. You need to take the bad online reviews and minimize the effect of these, while maximizing the good. And that takes time and marketing strategy.


If you need online reputation management and superior web design, visit us on the web. We have low cost web designers for small business who can develop a web design that catches your customers' eye, use the best of digital marketing tools to put together an effective strategy to get you more conversions, work on your online reputation management, so we can control the image of your brand and your business, and develop a custom plan perfect for you. Low maintenance websites lower the cost by outsourcing customer developments. This saves you money because clients fix the price to fit their budget.

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