About Us

3CS has around since 5 years in technology helping small and medium enterprise businesses to get their foothold with their limited budgets. Our team built great products with our consulting approach and excellent product designs, a goal we set to achieve smile on our customer's faces. Our only goal was to help newbies to concentrate on their dream business and let us handle their technology side.

We celebrated success with our customers and partners rather being alone at the finish line. Our customer centric approach gave us an opportunity to be innovative and strategic while executing our implementation phases successfully. Our team displays great discipline and professional attitudes with a great desire to "Win the Customer".

With more than a full decade's worth of deliberate hard work under our belt, our experience as a team is unmatched to grow businesses through progressive thoughts. No you know the reason why our customer's keep coming back to us.

Our Team

Wilson Mathews

Business Consulting

Redheema Mishra

Project Manager

Sudhansu Garg